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Worship Dance- Level 2

Grades 4 - 8
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Course Schedule

2020-08-27 - 2021-04-01
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Thu: 2:00 pm to 3:30 pm

Cost: $150 / Annual
Supplies: $30
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About the Course
Worship Dance- Level 2

Join us to learn a creative, fun, and sweet way to praise God! Worship Dance- Level 2 is a one and a half hour class for students in the 4th-8th grades who have either completed at least one year of Worhsip Dance- Level 1, have had dance training outside of Cornerstone, or are past the age range of Worship Dance- Level 1. This new level will continue the students dance education with more advanced steps and warm-ups, teamwork driven choreography, and a focus on learning the meaning behind Worship Dance. Classes will begin with stretching, ballet warm-ups, and learning new dance techniques building off of what they already know. At the end of each semester, a performance will be given by the students for their families and the school to demonstrate some of the skills they have learned in class. Worship Dance- Level 2 will follow the elementary schedule and the cost is $75 per student per semester or $150 for the whole year. In addition, students will be required to purchase a dress that is easy to dance in and modest which costs $30. The link(s) to the dress is below: 


Child Size- (Bright Royal)


Adult Size- (Bright Royal)


                                                                                                                    Come join the fun as we delve into this art and learn a new way to worship God!


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About Christina

Christina Cullen is excited for the opportunity to continue teaching at Cornerstone Classical School! She is a Senior in high school and has been teaching Worship Dance for two years. She is in her eighth year as a student of ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and lyrical dance at Weber School of Dance in Jeffersonville. At Weber, she also helps as an instructor for several classes of students of all ages. Along with this, Christina has partnered with Elevate Dance Ministry as an assistant instructor for an outreach class at Hope Place in Lousiville, Kentucky. She has enjoyed being a part of the Christmas program at Southeast Christian Church for two years as a dancer, singer, and actress. In the past she has competed in a national home school speech and debate league called the National Christian Forensics and Communication Assosiation (NCFCA) for six years and was awarded two second place titles at Regionals and a sixth place award at the National tournament. In her free time, Christina enjoys doodling characters, writing short stories, playing piano, singing, and choreographing dances.

Christina is looking foward to showing others how to glorify God and share his love through the arts!

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