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General Music 3rd -6th

Grades 3 - 6
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2021-08-24 - 2022-04-05
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Tue: 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

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About the Course
General Music 3rd -6th

I love music! Music is a powerful force, a universal language that crosses all cultural barriers. General music can be enjoyed by any student of any age and both jumpstarts and enhances private music lessons.  Even though I am a piano teacher, I think general music is the best way to introduce children to music. Plus, the study of music has been shown to improve overall learning and test scores. Music education inspires creativity, and teaches children to listen well, as well as work as a team. It provides outlets for expressing our deepest emotions. Most amazingly, God asks us to use music to worship Him! Come join us as we learn music by doing music!

While this class is geared for 4th-6th graders, advanced 3rd graders who take private piano may prefer to enroll in this class.

The general music classes will teach children the language of music through many activities such as hand chants, rhythm band, resonator bells, lummi sticks, scarves, all kinds of games, solfege reading, dictation, singing, listening, and moving.

Participate in many activities to practice internalizing a steady beat- a critical music skill- stick routines, handclap patterns, cup passing routines, etc.

Identify, clap, and play advanced rhythms.

Learn to sing in harmony with ostinatos and rounds.

Sing solfege patterns and do dictation with those pitches.

Sing foundational folk songs, including singing games and folk dances.

Learn and use music vocabulary

Listen to well-known pieces of music and identify most orchestral instruments by sight and sound.

Identify the orchestral families and instruments that belong to each family

Practice playing rhythm instruments and resonator bells.

Create rhythm compositions and write new words to songs.

Play theory games like Build a Measure, 3/4 4/4 Bucket Race, Note Name Twister, Rhythm Swat, and Over the Edge.



I'm looking forward to an exciting year!

Debbie Griffin



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About Debbie

Hi! I'm Debbie Griffin and I love all things music! I graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in K-12 Music Education, with a focus on general music, choral music, and piano pedagogy. I also did post-graduate studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where I met my husband Rick, who is a pastor. I've taught music in various capacities over the years, including general music, choirs, private piano, and I've led both school and church productions. I really enjoy accompanying and assisting with worship teams. I'm a veteran homeschool mom of five children, four of whom have graduated, so I cheer on all of you homeschool moms!

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