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Grades 9 - 12
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2021-01-14 - 2021-05-13
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Thu: 12:30 pm to 2:20 pm

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About the Course

The course will combine lecture and discussion. We will highlight questions and challenges that students will face regularly in culture and equip students to search for answers to these issues in the Bible. Assignments will include textbook reading, a book report, apologetic conversations and journal responses to these conversations, a few quizzes and two tests to demonstrate understanding of the vocabulary and issues covered in the course. The homework should take 2-3 hours a week.


Required: Apologetics at the Cross  by Mark D. Allen and Josh Chatraw

Choose one for Book Report:

The Reason for God by Timothy Keller; or

Confronting Christianity: 12 Hard Questions for the World's Largest Religion by Rebecca McLaughlin (we recommend parents look at the topics covered in each of these books to decide which would be best suited for your student as difficult issues are covered in each)


Class Schedule – Chapters in Allen and Chatraw should be read before class.
January 14th - Intro week - Both
January 21st - Apologetics in the Bible (Ch 1-2) - Tim
January 28th - Apologetics within the Great Tradition (Ch 3-4) - Caleb
February 4th – Quiz #1 - Making Sense of the Methods (Ch 5) - Tim
February 11th -Taking People to the Cross through Word and Deed (Ch 6) - Caleb
February 18th - Cruciform Humility before God and Others (Ch 7) - Tim
February 25th – Mid-Term – Caleb Facilitate
March 4th - Tough Topic # 1 - Science has disproven Christianity - Tim
March 11th - Tough Topic #2 - A good God could not allow suffering - Caleb
March 18th – Quiz # 2 - Appealing to the Whole Person for the Sake of the Gospel (Ch 8) - Tim
March 25th - Spring Break, no class
April 1 - Four Journal Entries due - Tough Topic # 3 - Doesnt the church create injustice? - Tim
April 8 - Contextualization through the Lens of the Cross (Ch 9) - Caleb
April 15 –Report Due- Preparing to Engage (not spin) in Late Modernism (Ch 10-11) - Tim
April 22 – Dealing with Defeaters & Making a Case (Ch 12-13) - Caleb
April 29 - Book Report Presentations – Both
May 6 – Final journal entries due - Tough Topic # 4 – Only One True Faith - Caleb
May 13 – Final Exam – Tim Facilitate



A.     Apologetic Conversations and Journal Entries (8) – first four due April 1, final four due May 6

1.      The hope is certainly for students to incorporate what they are learning into these conversations. What we care more about though is faithfulness to Jesus in all of life, both in academic pursuits and evangelistic engagement. Students will have evangelistic conversations with lost people, at least one every two weeks, and ask them about their biggest challenges with Christianity (whether intellectual, emotional, or volitional in nature). They will then write a journal entry about who they talked with, what they talked about, how they responded to the question or problem presented, and how they learned from the interaction. Points are all or nothing per entry.

B.     Book Report: Read either The Reason for God or Confronting Christianity and write a 3-5 page report (double spaced, size 12, Times New Roman).  The report should include three sections:

1.      In section one you should present the main thesis of the book, discuss whether or not the author supports his/her thesis well, and share what parts of the book’s argument you agree and disagree with.

2.      In section two, please choose three of the major topics covered in the book. In 1-2 paragraphs for each topic (so a total of 3-6 paragraphs), summarize each of the arguments, the author’s conclusion on the topic, and why you do or do not agree with the author’s position on each topic.

3.      The third section should be a closing paragraph that summarizes your main takeaways from the books. 

C.      Book Report Presentation. In class on April 29 you will have 10-15 minutes to present your book report. In this report, please do not read your report word for word. Instead, please have talking points prepared from each section of your report. Your report should mirror the sections of your paper.

D.     Bible Memorization: One passage will be assigned for memorization each class period to recite in class the next week as part of participation grade.



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About Caleb

Caleb and his wife Mollie have been Hoosiers for 5 years now, having moved from warmer places (SC and TN) to attend Southern Seminary. Caleb serves as the Minister to Students at Graceland. Caleb completed his M. Div. in Theology at Southern Seminary in 2018 and has ministered to students for a decade through Student Ministry in several churches, Young Life outreach in Jackson, TN, and Campus Ministry at Indiana University Southeast. Caleb’s passion is to equip students for a lifetime of knowing God and making God known, and he can’t wait to pursue that goal at CCS!

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