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Formal Logic - '22-'23

Grades 7 - 12
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Class Follows Upper Annual Schedule
Dates: 2022-08-16 to 2023-05-11
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Tue: 9:00 am to 10:30 am
Tuition: $375 / Annual
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About the Course
Formal Logic - '22-'23

Formal Logic is often defined as a system of rules that are used to determine the validity of propositions.  This is a form of deductive reasoning often used in the form of syllogisms or even mathematical proofs.  Students in this class will learn what forms a sound argument and how to assess arguments for rational merit and cogency.  Aspects of the class will explore formal logical arguments made during the founding of the United States as well as formal logical arguments through the history of Christianity.


The textbook that will be used is The Discovery of Deduction (Student Edition) – Classical Academic Press



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About Michael

Michael is a graduate of Centre College (2005) with a Bachelor's in History and of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (2011) with a Master of Divinity in Biblical and Theological Studies. Since 2005 Michael has been working in social services and is currently a Case Manager working with individuals with brain injury. Michael enjoys trying to keep up with his language skills and is always excited to help others dive into the Biblical languages in order to go deeper in understanding in what Scripture teaches.

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