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Marine Biology - Grades 10-12

Grades 10 - 12
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Course Schedule
Class Follows Upper Annual Schedule
Dates: 2023-08-15 to 2024-05-14
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Tue: 10:30 am to 12:00 pm
Tuition: $375 / Annual
Supplies: $50
Expectations and Homework
Expectations for the class are as follows: Be prepared – have assignments finished prior to class. Be prompt – turn in all work on the date it is due. Be Respectful – to yourself, other students, and your teacher. Be Involved – participation is required in every class. With only one class period each week, much of the course work will be done outside of the instruction time. The ideal approach is to spend some time (1 – 1.5 hours) every school day reading and taking notes as well as completing assignments for the class, as if the class were being taught each day.
Class Supplies Needed
Apologia Marine Biology Textbook ISBN 978-1-946506-61-0, Notebook or loose-leaf paper for taking notes, writing utensils.
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About the Course
Marine Biology - Grades 10-12

"Explore the many wonders of marine wildlife and habitats. Topics covered in this edition include everything from microscopic organisms that make life in the ocean possible to macroscopic marine creatures such as clams, starfish, and sharks. Students will discover how these creatures and their physical surroundings form marine ecosystems such as intertidal zones, estuaries, coral reefs, continental shelf communities, epipelagic communities, and deep-ocean communities." - Apologia website

This is a great class to take after Biology because it helps solidify some of the topics learned in Biology. This class is less rigorous than Biology while also being fun.

Hands-on labs are performed to help engage the students in learning.  Dissections are also performed with a clam, a starfish, and a shark to name a few.

There may also be a possible field trip to Newport Aquarium based on student/family times and schedules.

The $50 lab fee covers all lab supplies and equipment and dissection specimens.


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About Sarah

Hi. My name is Sarah Kochert. I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Masters of Science in Exercise Physiology. I have 2 daughters and have been homeschooling since the oldest was born. I have been teaching with Cornerstone for 12 years, serving as the elementary program director and a board member for five of those years. I have taught a range of subjects in classes from K-12 as an instructor with Cornerstone. In my very little spare time, I enjoy reading, gardening, hiking and being active.

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