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3/4 Science & History 9am

Grades 3 - 4
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Course Schedule
Class Follows K-6 Annual Schedule
Dates: 2023-08-22 to 2024-04-02
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Tue: 9:00 am to 10:30 am
Tuition: $150 / Annual
Supplies: $0
Expectations and Homework
This class may have optional take-home lessons and/or activities. No regular homework will be assigned. If a student has purchased the science books, it would be helpful to read the up-coming lesson prior to class. This is also optional, as buying the books is not required.
Class Supplies Needed
Students should bring a pencil, folder and spiral bound notebook paper to class.
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About the Course
3/4 Science & History 9am

The Science portion of this class will be taught by Maggie Saylor. $105 of the $150 cost of the class will be paid to her. 

The History portion of this class will be taught by Hannah Walden. $45 of the $150 cost of the class will be paid to her. 

Please make your checks out accordingly. 


The curriculum we will be using is, Answers in Genesis. We'll be using 4 books from the God's Design series. 

1) God's Design for the Physical World- Machines & Motion

2) God's Design for Life- The World of Animals

3) God's Design for Heaven & Earth- Our Planet Earth

4) God's Design for Chemistry & Ecology- Properties of Matter

Books are not required, however it may be useful to have students read over the material and be familiar with it prior to class and/or discuss with parents after class. 

If you want to purchase books, you can do so, here: 



The science portion of this class is 60 mins and will include discussing one unit of material from our book during the first part of class. One unit covers many lessons, so we will be covering the highlights of each unit. My goal is to give an introduction to many science topics, not to go too in-depth on any one topic in particular, as all of these topics will be revisited more in-depth in the years to come. The second part of science class may include any of the following: hands-on activities, experiments, games, songs, worksheets, etc. We will wrap up our science class with review of what we've learned that day. 



The history portion of this class is 30 mins long and will be taught by Hannah Walden. We will be covering Medieval history this year! This will include memory work, hands-on activities, the use of maps and discussion over history events included in the cards.

The curriculum we will be using is Classical Conversations History Cards: Medieval World. I will be basing our lessons off these cards but it is not necessary for students to have these cards for class. However, if you are still interested in purchasing them, you can at https://classicalconversationsbooks.com/products/fs047.

There won't be any required homework. I will send home optional history homework each week.



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I am very excited to teach 3rd & 4th grade science this year! I have always LOVED science and am looking forward to teaching your kiddos this year!
I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene at the University of Louisville in 2007. When I'm not cleaning teeth, you can find me homeschooling our youngest son! I have a passion for all things homeschool and am truly blessed by it everyday! A few of my interests include: gardening, canning, baking, hiking, reading, raising chickens and being involved with our church! I look forward to meeting you and your kiddos this year and sharing my love of science with them!

About Hannah

I am excited to be teaching this year! My daughter and I have enjoyed Cornerstone for the past 2 years, so it is an honor to receive the opportunity to teach.

I graduated with a Bachelor's in Business with a concentration in Human Resources. Upon graduation, I began working for a home healthcare agency as an Administrative Assistant and eventually moving up to an HR Assistant. After 5 years in my career, my husband and I saw the need to pull our daughter from public school and begin homeschooling. At that point, I resigned from my job and started teaching at home. Homeschooling has been a wonderful journey that I look forward to continuing with my daughter. We are also a foster family which has brought so much extra joy to our lives. We currently have a foster daughter who has fit right into our family and we could not be happier!

On our down time, we enjoy playing in the creek, going for walks/bike rides, telling silly jokes, and just family/friends time in general. We volunteer for service events through our church and love joining our church family for Sunday services.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me! I am looking forward to working with you and your child this school year!

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