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Angela Schindler

Meet Angela Schindler

Instructor at Cornerstone Classical

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About Angela

My name is Angela Schindler, and I am pleased to be teaching the middle school and Algebra Prep classes at Cornerstone this year. I have been an educator all of my adult life. I began my love for teaching while in college, when I taught gymnastics at a local gym. I graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor's Degree in Education. I also have continued in my education, earning a Technical Certification in Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Administration. I have experience teaching almost every grade from kindergarten through 9th grade Algebra. I also have served as a volunteer in the children's ministry at my church, both in Sunday school classes and summer camp. I left my position as a public school teacher in 2019, so I only recently began homeschooling my two children who are ages 12 and 10. The time I have had to homeschool has been so valuable, I wish it was something I could have done throughout their entire education. One of my favorite things has been to hear my children talk about our science or history topics, each having a different and profound perspectives on what they had learned and how it applies in our world. Other things I love to do with my family are reading and learning together, cooking, hiking, swimming, kayaking, and exploring new places. I also very much enjoy how I can bring our faith into many aspects of their education and our day together. As I continue on this path God has placed in front of me, I am honored to use my teaching and math skills for God's Glory in working with other homeschool families at Cornerstone Classical.

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