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Cornerstone Testing Information

Download the .pdf file to learn about standardized test options

Our goal at Cornerstone Classical is to support the home school family by offering classes taught by qualified instructors that build on foundations laid from year to year. This structure allows families to plan long term to reach educational goals.

Elementary Level Classes

Grammar/Writing: Grammar instruction with Dictation, writing in an IEW format, 3 Levels, Integrated with History and Science

History/Science: Four-year rotation, Hands-on activities, building knowledge and developing skills, science reinforces history

I. Ancient History (will be offered in 2019/20)

II. Medieval through Renaissance (2020/21)

III. Early Modern (will be offered 2021/22)

IV. Modern/US History (2018/19)

Electives in Choir, Music, Latin, STEM, and Theater meet after lunch. Dance, Art, Spanish, and Math meet Thursday.

Upper Level Classes:

Language Arts:

Grades 7-8: Two year rotation

I. Grammar/Poetry (2018/19)

II. Literature/Composition (2019/20)

Grade 9: English 1 Foundations in Grammar and Writing (Required for all 10th and up level Literature courses. This class is offered every year.)

Grades 10-12: Three year rotation, Integrated with History

I. World History/World Literature (2018/19)

II. American History/American Literature (2019/20)

III. Government/British Literature (2020/21)


Grades 7-8:  Apologia

General Science and Physical Science 

Grade 9-12: Biology, Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC), Chemistry, Marine Biology, Anatomy, Physics, Advanced Physics, and Advanced Chemistry

Note: science courses are offered as the number of students permits

Social Studies:

Grades 7-9: Three year Rotation

I. U.S. Geography/ History (2018/19)

II. Ancient Geography / Rome and  Greece (2019/20)

III. World Geography (2020/21)

Grades 10 and up: History is integrated into the World and American literature courses although transcript credits are assigned separately. 

Government is taught alongside British Literature

Economics will be offered every other year or by request. (2019/20).

Mathematics: Mathematics classes at various levels are offered as needed. 

Math 65, Math 76, Prealgebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-calculus, and Calculus

Other Electives:

Debate offered every other year or by request.

Speech every year or by request.

Career Development offered every other year or by request.

ASL 1 (Sign Language)

Spanish 1, 2, and 3

Latin First Form and Second Form Latin

Creative Arts Theater, Choir, Art, Dance, Creative Writing